40 year old Kulsoom is also one such flood victim who lost her house, cattle and
crops during these floods. She was forced to move to a camp with her family where
they barely managed to feed themselves once a day. This is when Kulsoom stepped
forward and upon returning to her village she started sewing clothes for the
neighborhood women.

Kulsoom struggled hard and was now a helping hand to her father who was the only
breadwinner for the family; however soon she realized that there was something
wrong with her vision and she was finding it difficult to continue with her work.
Due to paucity of funds she tried several local remedies but in vain that left her
feeling depressed and frustrated all the time as all her dreams were shattering one
by one and she was no more able to support her father. She went to a local doctor
who diagnosed her with cataract and advised surgery but belonging to a very poor
family, she could not even dream of affording the cost of surgery and prayed to
God for a miracle.

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