National Rural Support Programme- Small Grants and Ambassadors program (NRSP-SGAFP)/US AID’s Small Grants Program

The project is progressing well and is expected to complete on schedule. We have till the 31st of January, 2013 successfully carried out 8559 Phaco Emulsification Cataract Surgeries of females. SGAFP approved a grant of Rs.21.7 million for this project of which Rs.14.80 million have been received so far.

67 years old Saira Bibi is one of the 8559 beneficiaries of (NRSP-SGAFP)/US AID’s Small Grants Program. A poor widow, who lived with her six daughters in one of her married daughter’s house, had no source of income and was completely dependent on her son in law for all her basic necessities. With old age, Saira Bibi started to lose her sight and lately it became so poor that she was unable to see at all. Unable to afford the surgery, LRBT came as the only ray of hope and rescued her from turning blind. Saira bibi was taken to LRBT free eye hospital in Khanewal, where after her diagnosis she was given a date for her Cataract surgery. Her successful surgery restored her vision turning Saira bibi into an independent individual once again.