Fazlur Rehman was in the first grade when he started losing his vision. He damaged his cornea while playing with his friends gradually lost his vision completely in one eye.

However his father, Ghulam Mustafa, a factory worker earning just Rs.8000 a month and with five more children to feed was far too poor to afford the Rs. 100,000 being demanded by a private Doctor.

Fazlur Rehman however did not lose hope and continued his studies with great difficulty. In all these years his teachers supported him a lot in his efforts however told his parents that they must get him treated as he would not be able to cope up with his studies in this state. His father took him to an ophthalmologist who demanded Rs. 100,000/- for performing his corneal grafting. There was no way the poor father could afford this cost and lost in darkness with no hope, he returned home with a heavy heart, feeling helpless and miserable.

Then one day someone told Ghulam Mustafa about LRBT, that turned out to be Fazlur Rehman’s salvation.

At LRBT Fazlu-Rehman was thoroughly examined and Ghulam Mustafa was told that his son requires corneal grafting and has been put up on waiting list for a donor cornea.

Fortunately, he did not have to wait long as a month later Ghulam Mustafa received a phone call from LRBT that a kind donor has donated a cornea and his son has been selected for the transplant. They went there early in the morning where Fazl-ur-Rehman was admitted and his corneal transplant surgery was performed successfully

Fazl-ur-Rehman is the 25 millionth patient who has treated by LRBT, absolutely free. There are 2.4 million children in Pakistan who suffer from various eye diseases and await your Zakaat and donations.
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