30 Millionth Patient Abdul Sattar

Abdul Sattar is 60, and over the course of several years he lost his sight particularly during night time, and for the past one year he was facing trouble in seeing during day time too. Last week, all that changed. Abdul Sattar was diagnosed and operated for Cataract in both his eyes and he can now see the world again.

Abdul Sattar is a driver by profession and earns Rs. 10,000/ month. Being the sole bread winner for a family of 6, he was barely able to put food on the table for his family in these times of inflation. But owing to his blindness he was compelled to quit his job as he could no longer see and dreaded running into an accident. He was clueless as to who would care for the family but overcame his fears with the intervention of LRBT.

When asked what the experience was like, he replied “When they removed my bandage it was absolutely the most breathtaking experience. I was just so overwhelmed and so excited for being able to see again. I was not charged a single penny but found myself so obliged that I put Rs. 200 in the donation box, all that I could afford.”