There was great rejoicing in the Hakeem family when Abdul Rehman was born. He was going to be their support in their old age, their insurance policy.

But the joy soon turned to sorrow : Abdul Rehman was blind.

Abdul Hakeem took him to a Doctor in Quetta who diagnosed congenital cataract and prescribed surgery at the cost of Rs. 20,000 (GBP 167).

This was 5 times Abdul Hakeem’s salary which he earned working at a shanty hotel in village Killy Badini, District Noshki (Balochistan).

3 years later a visiting friend advised Hakeem to take the child to LRBT’s Eye Hospital in Quetta.

The child was operated in one eye. Upon opening the bandage, Hakeem showed the boy a piece of roti (bread) which he grabbed.

A miracle had happened. Their only son had emerged from a life of perpetual darkness. The sun was shining again.