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Regular eye checks are the basis for maintaining proper eye health, however some serious eye conditions do not have any visible early warning symptoms. However, while prevention is the best defence, problems or injuries can occur suddenly and unexpectedly. Recognizing signs and symptoms and also knowing what to do could be crucial to preserving sight. Participation and awareness of the public is what our aim is.

Based on The Philosophy of Prevention, LRBT Community Eye Care is Divided into Three Preventive Sides

Eye Care Plus Project (Resolving mental health problems of chronic eye patients)

The Eyecare Plus Project was initiated with the intention of offering therapeutic support to patients with chronic eye diseases. Impairment of any kind can be a cause of immense emotional pain and at times trauma for individuals. Many do not have access to services that offer coping skills and patients may often feel trapped in a cycle of helplessness The main objective of this project is to create awareness about mental health problems due to eye disease. The other main objective of this project is to keep inculcating hope and resilience in such individuals. LRBT has appointed humanistic counsellors who are present at the LRBT Hospital in Korangi, Karachi. The main emphasis is to offer a safe and confidential space for patients to find comfort in expressing their feelings, exploring their concerns and finding ways of helping themselves.

The Doctors and the counsellors have been trained by a UK based Therapist. LRBT is also liaising with other mental health organizations for further Psychiatric and Psychological recommendations. LRBT looks forward to expanding this project, and are brainstorming ideas to improve this program and touch the lives of as many individuals as possible.

Cornea Bank

14 % of the blindness in Pakistan is due to a diseased Cornea. It is curable through a transplant of a healthy Cornea. All over the world people donate their corneas after death in order to give the gift of sight to those who require a transplant. Unfortunately Cornea donations are virtually nonexistent in Pakistan which condemns over 3000,000 people to a life of darkness and destitution.

And whoever saves one life it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.”
-Surat Al-Ma’idah [5:32]

At LRBT thousands of patients wait for a corneal transplant and many die waiting for a transplant. The issue of cornea donation is still one of the major problems in every society; to put it simply, the demand exceeds the supply.

LRBT has recently taken steps to create awareness amongst the general public about corneal donation and a campaign is also being launched to contact and encourage willing donors to fill in pledge cards for this purpose.

It has also set up a corneal transplant team in Karachi to collect tissues at a short notice from Hospitals or residences of the willing donors.

For more information and for all those willing to donate their cornea tissues as Sadqa e Jariya, please contact Department of Community Ophthalmology, LRBT Korangi Hospital at 021-35065556-7, 021-35061911.

Primary Eye Care Clinics (vision is our 1st priority)

LRBT’s task is to help people who are suffering from decreased vision due to any reason.

Primary Eye Care Clinics are regarded the 1st step in the treatment of an ailing patient. With over 56 PECC’s, our PECC technicians are experts in correction of refractive errors and in diagnosing minor to major eye diseases. Major eye diseases are referred to hospitals where our surgeons have helped thousands of people enjoy better vision. We are committed to excellence because our patients turn to us for answers and the best eye care treatment available Free of cost.

The centers name and its details can be seen here: Click here.

School Screening

LRBT has been running a free School Screening program for over 15 years. The mission of the program is to examine school children in urban and rural areas for eye disease. Visual impairment affects millions of children, hampering their education and futures. Our School Screening program arranges awareness and training sessions with teachers, teaching them to assess children for eye-related issues before referring them to LRBT.

Key achievements of the School Screening Program are:

Year 2021
Total Number of School49
Total Number of Students Screened24,021
Total Number of Refraction3625
Total Number of Patients Medicated1095
Total Number of Glasses provided418
Total Number of Patients Referred to LRBT1872

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