14 % of the blindness in Pakistan is due to a diseased Cornea. It is curable through a transplant of a healthy Cornea. All over the world people donate their corneas after death in order to give the gift of sight to those who require a transplant. Unfortunately Cornea donations are virtually nonexistent in Pakistan which condemns over 3000,000 people to a life of darkness and destitution.

And whoever saves one life it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.”
-Surat Al-Ma’idah [5:32]

At Lrbt thousands of patients wait for a corneal transplant and many die waiting for a transplant. The issue of cornea donation is still one of the major problems in every society; to put it simply, the demand exceeds the supply.

LRBT has recently taken steps to create awareness amongst the general public about corneal donation and a campaign is also being launched to contact and encourage willing donors to fill in pledge cards for this purpose.

It has also set up a corneal transplant team in Karachi to collect tissues at a short notice from Hospitals or residences of the willing donors.

For more information and for all those willing to donate their cornea tissues as Sadqa e Jariya, please contact Department of Community Ophthalmology, LRBT Korangi Hospital at 021-35065556-7, 021-35061911.