Cornea is the anterior most transparent portion of human eyes responsible for most of the dioptric vision. If it gets cloudy, opaque or distorted because of trauma, infection, nutritional deficiencies or hereditary problems, the vision may be grossly damaged leading even to blindness. Once it happens, the only remedy is replacement of this damaged cornea of the patient with healthy donor cornea from another person. This procedure is known as corneal grafting.

The process is simple but there is an acute shortage close to nil in Pakistan as there are no local donors.

We request you to kindly come forward and help us in this regard. Kindly donate your corneas and give the gift of sight to others after you leave this world.

How to donate cornea

Any person desirous of donating his/her cornea has to submit THIS “WILL FORM” which contains all necessary information about the person. Donor will be given a card which he/she must carry all the time. The person submitting the will form is also requested to inform his/her relatives about his/her will to donate cornea so that relatives can inform the hospital about the death (within 3 hours after death) of such a person and also no objection is raised by the relatives in such a case. Once the hospital receives the information from the agreed relatives of the dead donor, a medical team is sent to take the cornea with due reverence and care. The donor cornea is then grafted to the waiting blind patient.