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Donate for Flood Affected Families-Medical Camp

Pakistan is hit by the most devastating calamity in it’s history. Recent heavy monsoon rains and floods have left 33% of the country drowned, over 1,000 people lost their lives and more than 30 million people affected leaving them homeless and losing their livelihood. 

We as a nation (including NGO’s, corporates and individuals) have always responded wholeheartedly to such calamities, this time as well we all need to stand together and support our affected brothers and sisters who are directly hit by the floods. Please come forward and support LRBT to provide much needed medical relief to the flood affectees specially the vulnerable women and children who are still living under the open sky and waiting for either being helped or rescued.

LRBT is holding Medical Camps by engaging our teams at Tando Allahyar, Tando bago, Gambat, Lar Multan, Pasrur, Chiniot, Akora Khattak, Odigram and Quetta. Through these camps LRBT will conduct eye screening and overall health checkup to treat various eye infections caused by malnourishment and unhygienic water besides this we will engage General Physicians to screen out the cases for water borne diseases including but not limited to cholera and typhoid, diarrhea, dysentery, malaria, dengue and different skin infections which break out due to poor hygiene. Teams on ground have shared that the affectees need first aid as well as they have untreated open wounds due to collapsing of roofs and many such incidents.

Health is utmost important to rebuild their life……. Let’s make them stand again.

They need our help. Let’s rebuild their lives together

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