The displacement of innocent men, women and children from Swat, Buner, Dir and Bajaur after the army operation against the insurgents has been termed by the UNHCR as largest movement of people since our independence. This is a humanitarian disaster of epic proportions as women and children, the sick and the elderly have fled the fighting with just the clothes on their back. Among the health problems these victims are facing, are various eye diseases. Shortly after the establishment of the camps LRBT began running eye clinics at all locations. Our medical teams visit the camps to examine eye patients, and then provide whatever services are needed: whether it is refraction including the provision of free glasses, medication or surgery. Surgical patients are transported to our nearby Akora Khattak hospital, Boarding and Lodging is provided for the period of their stay in the hospital, and then they are dropped back to their temporary homes All this, in the tradition of LRBT is free.

LRBT’s free eye services are a candle of hope for these wretched people who are looking to us their more fortunate brethren for help. Blessed are those who help the poor in their hour of need. Help us help them. Keep this beacon of hope shining.