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Support us in helping 26 Million blind and visually impaired persons. Give them the Gift of Sight so that, they can go back to lead a fulfilling life. Donate Now:

Zakat / Donations Needed for Following:

Surgery TypeAverage Cost per Patient
Cataract Surgeries – Children15,400564475
Cataract Surgeries – Adults7,800292238
Glaucoma Surgeries (including laser treatment)13,500493966
Corneal Grafting – Children (excluding cost of Cornea)58,700212166285
Corneal Grafting – Adults (excluding cost of Cornea)51,700187146251
Retina Detachment – Children74,400268210361
Retina Detachment – Adults67,500243191328
Photocoagulation Treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy5,000181525
Minor Surgery2,80011814
Squint Surgery – Child20,8007559101
Squint Surgery – Adult14,400524170

Disclaimer: *Conversion based on 25th March 2024 Interbank rates.

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