40 years old Kulsoom is one of the millions of Pakistanis who were victimized by the history’s worst floods that hit Pakistan almost 2 years ago. She lost her house, cattle and crops and was compelled to move to a camp with her family, where they barely managed to feed themselves once a day for almost a year. Upon returning to their village they were further disappointed by seeing their house in shambles and this is when Kulsoom decided to become a helping hand to her father who was the sole bread winner for their family. Initially she helped in rebuilding the house and later started sewing clothes for the neighborhood women. Being a widow, she didn’t want to be dependent on anyone; instead preferred to be a contributing member of the family.

Kulsoom worked day and night looking for ways to meet her clients’ expectations. The women who came to her were also very happy seeing her commitment and passion. However, a year later, she realized that there was something wrong with her vision as lately she could not sew for long hours which affected her timely delivery of clothes. Due to paucity of funds she tried several local remedies but in vain that left her feeling depressed and frustrated all the time. All her dreams were shattering one by one and she was no more able to support her father. She finally went to a local doctor who diagnosed her with cataract and advised surgery but belonging to a very poor family, she could not even dream of affording Rs. 15000/- and prayed to God for a miracle.

One day, Kulsoom burst into tears when her neighbor came over to give her some clothes for stitching. Upon finding out that Kulsoom is facing severe eye problem she told her about LRBT Free Eye Hospital in Shahpur. This came as a ray of hope and she immediately went to the hospital with her father. Upon reaching there she was thoroughly examined and was given a date for surgery, which was successfully performed after two weeks. Kulsoom was very happy upon her vision being restored and said, “LRBT has transformed me from being dependent and a burden on my family into a productive, income generating individual. I will now be able to support my family once again for which I’m deeply thankful to God along with the doctors and kind donors of LRBT and will pray for them till the day I’m alive”.