Kainat Bibi at the age of 12 years has development cataract in her left eye. Kainat’s father Noor Din, a carpenter by profession, was extremely apprehensive about surgical treatment as he feared it would be costly and beyond his means. Noor has 6 children to look after and for him just putting food on the table was a struggle. He just could not pay for the surgery. He was resigned to Kainat’s condition as kismet.

Kainat was shattered by the prospect of a life of darkness and she was gradually slipping into depression. She was restricted to her house and was shunned by relatives and neighbors. When her depression deepened her parents decided to explore affordable treatment options. They first consulted their neighbors and could not find any workable solution. They then contacted Kainat’s school teacher for help who recommended LRBT Hospital and its free services. Kainat’s parents couldn’t believe it at first but still the very next day took her to LRBT’s Akora Khattak Clinic.

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