LRBT reached another miles stone in September 2014 of treating its 28th Million patient, Asra, 6 daughter of Zahid Ali who works in a garment factory as an office attendant. He earns Rs.8.000/- a month and has 5 children. They live in a small rented `house in the eastern part of Karachi. Asra is the 2nd child of Zahid and his first daughter, so very dear to him.

When Asra was 1 year old squint in her left eye was diagnosed, as her left eye ball was pointed upwards and made it extremely difficult for her to see and focus without pain and strained the vision. With such limited income and so many mouths to feed, treating Asra was out of question due to the costs involved. The devastated family was left with no option but to accept it as fate. Zahid and his wife used to cry seeing Asra in pain and her aspiration to go to school. 5 years passed and Asra remained at home with the eye ailment .Recently while the family was going through its worst financial crisis ever, God sent great news for the distressed family. It is truly said that God has his own ways to test people and does it only till one can bear.

During the recent polio drive by the Government, a polio worker came to their house to check if there were children to be vaccinated. During the conversation with polio agent Asra’s eye disease was discussed and Zahid’s wife was informed about LRBT and its free eye care facilities for the poor. She could not believe her ears and immediately called Zahid from the factory and shared the news. Zahid was also surprised to find about LRBT and being unaware about such a facility that existed even though he was resident of Karachi. The very next day Asra was taken to LRBT Korangi hospital and after through eye examination the doctor informed that her squint was operable. The poor parents couldn’t control their tears and kept hugging Asra. Zahid and his wife were still doubtful that it would be done absolutely free. On the given date Asra was successfully operated and her left eye squint was rectified. When the bandage was removed it was a moment to experience and one would become more certain of God’s miracles. Zahid went on his knees to thank the doctors and staff for the utmost care and dedication and the mother kept shedding tears of happiness with folded hands.
While leaving the hospital the poor parents kept praying for the success and prosperity of LRBT and wished there existed more institutions like these for the poor.