Manthar khaskheli is a hari who lives in a mud hut in Khaskheli village in District Badin. He gets a share of the crops from his landlord and supplements that by odd jobs in the off season. Life is a struggle to survive as he supports a family family consisting of his 7 children as well as his brother and his sister. Manthar was the sole bread winner of the family as 5 out of his 7 children as well as his brother and his sister were all blind.

Manthar was resigned to his wretched existence believing that it was pre ordained. But his fate was destined to change the day a letter by a socially concerned individual.

appeared in a newspaper about his bleak condition appealing for help
The letter prompted a quick response from LRBT a charity who runs a chain of 16 hospitals and 39 clinics spread all over Pakistan. They sent a doctor from their eye hospital in Tando Bago to examine the patients to see what could be done for them. Manthar was thrilled to hear that the condition of his blind family members was treatable. The doctor immediately took his brother and sister to LRBT Free Eye Care Hospital in Tando Bago where they went under surgery and their vision was restored. His children were sent to Karachi on August 26, 2009 to be treated in LRBT’s Free Eye Hospital, Korangi where their successful surgeries were performed. All this was done free of all cost; even the transport and living expenses were
borne by LRBT. The children saw the world in all its colors for the first time in their dark existence
It was the most precious moment in their short life, truly unforgettable.

Manthar could not believe his good fortune; with tears running down his cheeks he thanked Allah for sending LRBT and its doctors who gave the gift of sight to his family. For him Eid had arrived early and a miracle had happened