Master Sherwali, a young boy of 9 years, lives in Karachi. His father is a truck driver who earns Rs. 5,000/- ($ 83) per month on which he supports his old parents, who live with him, his wife and 4 children

Young Sherwali was suffering from blurred vision and dropped out of school. Sherwali’s eye problem presented a financial catastrophe to the family. There was no way they could afford the treatment. Then his grandfather heard about free state of the art services provided by LRBT’s Eye Hospital in Korangi-Karachi, a low income suburb of Karachi. He brought Sherwali to the hospital where he was diagnosed with cataract in both eyes. Surgery was performed on one eye at a time FREE OF COST.

Sherwali is now back to school and has prospects of a brighter future.

Sherwali & his family members are thankful to LRBT for the GIFT OF SIGHT.