Bringing back sight to Sana’s life is a shining success story of LRBT. Sana, a 12 year old girl, was born in a poor family and since both her parents were working in a small factory to earn their living, 22 days old Sana was handed over to her old grandmother. Upon turning three, Sana was admitted to a government school and continued her studies till she reached class three. During this period Sana’s eye sight was constantly dropping and by the time she reached class 3, she had become totally blind. She was dropped out of school. With her parents not around to support her, Sana was disheartened and dreadful of her bleak future. Her old grand mother could not see her in pain and took her to various local doctors but in vain. One day, she took Sana to LRBT eye clinic in Surjani Town, where upon checking her eyes, Dr. Haroon referred her to visit LRBT Free Eye Care Hospital in Korangi. Upon reaching the hospital, Sana was thoroughly checked up and was advised Cornea Grafting, which is a very expensive surgery besides the fact that it requires a cornea donor. Struggling to help Sana, her grandmother was worried as to how will she afford the surgery cost. But to her surprise she was told that she will not have to pay a single penny for the treatment. Now the only delaying factor was a cornea donation. Her grandmother’s prayers were soon answered and upon arrival of cornea donation Sana’s successful cornea grafting took place. She was both excited and nervous when her bandage was being removed. Slowly she opened her eyes and was filled with joy to be able to see again. Sana had no words to express her feelings and with tearful eyes her grandmother said, “This hospital is a blessing and source of hope for the poor and I will never stop praying for its progress and prosperity.” Sana is thankful to the entire team of LRBT for saving her future and wishes to become an Eye Specialist to serve the suffering humanity.