Regular eye checks are the basis for maintaining proper eye health. Since some eye conditions have no visible early warning symptoms, we educate teachers to recognize some signs and symptoms and refer the child to the hospital as soon as possible.

LRBT’s school screening program aims at training teachers and screening children from lower socio economic areas.

The mission of school screening program is control of blindness through awareness. For this purpose a school screening program was designed and introduced in LRBT in 1998. Studies have shown that children really benefit from such programmes, specially there are positive effects on their school performance. Under an MOU signed between Sight savers and LRBT, a project aiming to reduce prevalence of avoidable blindness amongst urban school going children in Pakistan was launched in January 2011 which concluded in June 2015.

Key achievements of the school screening programme were:

  • Screening of Refractive Error and other eye problems in school aged children of urban slums and rural areas in 2 major cities (Karachi, Lahore).
  • Training of School teachers in primary eye health and screening of refractive error (4868 from 2011/15).
  • 227,727 Children screened from 2011/15
  • 12,672 Children refracted from 2011/15.
  • 9662 Spectacles dispensed from 2011/15.