Patient’s Testimonials

My name is Marium and I am here from Mohajir camp. I had an operation done from a private hospital before which was not successful and now I am here for treatment. The hospital is very good and well kept; the cleanliness is commendable and is managed well. Everyone at this hospital is treated with dignity and respect there is no class differentiation and the poor and the rich are treated alike. They have given me full treatment without any expense at all. We pray for such organizations as they work for the people of our country
Patient interviewed by Mujahid Barelvi, CNBC Pakistan’s anchor of Doosra Pehlu
I have cataract in both eyes. I went for checkup at Al Khidmat hospital where they were charging Rs 4000 ($60) for the operation. I am a widow and support myself and my family by working at people’s house. How could I afford treatment at such hospitals? I was told of LRBT and came here. They have taken very good care of me. May God reward them
A patient talking to Mujahid Barelvi, CNBC Pakistan’s anchor of Doosra Pehlu
My daughter’s name is Lubna. She developed an eye allergy when she was nine. Her teacher told me she can’t see properly. Suddenly her eyesight started deteriorating; I couldn’t help weeping when I saw her I felt so helpless. I took her to LRBT where they tested her eyes Doctors said a cornea transplant is the only hope. “She was so worried about her future; who will look after me when you are not there?” I just kept praying for a miracle for my daughter’s eyesight to be restored. We could not afford expensive private treatment. May God reward those who helped my daughter to regain her sight I will pray for these people till my last breath
A mother after successful cornea transplant, on her daughter at LRBT’s Korangi hospital
This is my seventh visit to LRBT Korangi-Karachi. Though I am entitled to free medical facility at the Military Hospital, I still come here for my checkup. The staff, the treatment and the hassle free system where each patient is treated on his turn reflect the true spirit of our religion. Here every one is equal.
SEPOY (Retd) Ikhlaq Ahmed, as quoted in PCPs Critical Evaluation Report