Visitor’s Comments

Extremely good facility great effort on the part of the doctors & administration to use the facility & maintain it at its best. I wish our public hospitals would learn from places like yours.
Prof. Dr. Saeeda Haider, Dow University of Health Sciences & Civil Hospital
Very impressed about the overall facilities and amount of work being done here, as well as the well organized and structured protocols.
Prof Dr Niaz A.Shaikh, Dept. of Medicine, Dow Univ. of Health & Sciences & Civil Hospital
It is indeed a pleasure visiting this state of the art facility which is doing a superb job for the eye patients. The infrastructure and human resources are remarkable. Well done and keep it up!. May God be with you (Ameen)
Major General (R) Abdul Qadir Usmani, Human Organs Transplant Authority, Ministry of Health
I visited LRBT Karachi & really really impressed by the work they’re doing. I wish I could help them & take part in their noble cause. I wish all the best & success for them & especially doctors, technicians team who’re back bone of LRBT. My all prayers are with them. May Allah bless them always.
Ms. Raheela Hameed Durrani, Minister, Government of Balochistan
This has been an extraordinarily illuminating visit. The Hospital and the dedicated staff need to be commended on the high standard of care
Dr R. Pararajasegaram, WHO, Geneva, Switzerland
Outstanding service, very impressive much needed – Dr. Noorjahan, Panjwani, Director of Research, Department of Ophthalmology/New England Eye Center
Professor of Ophthalmology and Biochemistry, Tufts University School of Medicine, USA
To see with one’s own eyes the benefit to millions of the vision and the hard work of the two great cofounders and the sincerity of each LRBT team member is to see the goodness and spiritual richness of humanity – all the very best to all!
Senator Javed Jabbar, on visiting our Korangi Hospital
A pleasure to see such great improvements being made to children’s lives. Best wishes
Dean Nelson, The Sunday Times, London on visiting our Korangi Hospital
A wonderful emphasis on quality makes this effort outstanding. Best wishes to continue the effort to eliminate preventable blindness
Prof. Glenn Strauss MD, Mercy Ships International USA
A magnificent achievement- 200 patients a day all free and seen immediately. A great medical example
Celia Barlow, MP House of Commons UK on visiting our Mandra Hospital
A very well lead team. Highly competent. Sound systems and administration. Skilled workers and staff. High morale.
The Viscount Slim, House of Lords, UK
Extremely impressed , inspiring work . I hope and pray that this continues and we are able to facilitate.
Dr. Rubina Gillani, Country Manager Fred Hollows Foundation
It is wonderful to see what LRBT is doing to help the poor and disadvantaged people in Pakistan. I wish them all the best.
Ms. Rabia Nusrat, Manager , The British Asian Trust, UK
I am very impressed by your establishment as seen by me at LRBT – Shahpur.
Ch. Bashir Ahmed
Workers and staff of my company got treatment from LRBT and they confirmed about free treatment. Immediately I made up my mind to pay my zakat to LRBT, so every year when I decide about my zakat I send this donation to LRBT.
Muhammad Shakeel Choudary
I appreciate your work and my suggestion is that serve humanity of any caste
LRBT is doing highly commendable work of offering unmatched services in preventing and curing blindness with dedication.
Prof. Muhammad Sharif Choudhry