OFID has provided much-needed financing amounting to $100,000/- for ophthalmic equipment required at LRBT’s new Free Eye Hospital, Odigram near Saidu Sharif in Swat. They have also give $ 9,215 for staff training. This enables us to deliver free high quality eye care services to the poor people of Swat, Shangla, Malakand, Buner and Dir – an area which has suffered a great deal due to militancy. We are extremely grateful to OFID for their continuous support to LRBT in our fight against curable blindness in Pakistan.

The new hospital began delivering free eye care services from 26th September 2013. 35,471 patients have visited its OPD until end March 2014 and 4,499 major and minor surgeries have been performed – all free of cost.