Uzma, a student of Grade-I, lives with her parents in a remote village of Balochistan. Her father works in a Government department and earns Rs.6,000/- (£ 48) per month. He is the sole bread winner and remains under financial strain/debt all the time as he has to support his wife and eight school going children.

As luck would have it Uzma developed a pain in her right eye. She complained to her parents who tried some local remedies to manage her pain and suffering but to no effect and her vision started to diminish gradually. Her teachers also noticed her poor vision as Uzma, otherwise an intelligent & enthusiastic student could not see the black-board clearly. Her father was apprised of her condition and advised to get the child treated appropriately. Her parents took her to an Ophthalmologist who diagnosed cataract in both eyes and asked for Rs.10,000/- (£ 80) for surgery of each eye, an amount far beyond their capacity. As a consequence of her diminished vision the child had to drop out of school.

Her parents’ dreams about the future of Uzma were shattered. They felt miserable and helpless. Uzma’s father discussed the matter with one of his friends, who informed him about LRBT, where all services are provided absolutely free of cost.

He immediately took his daughter to LRBT’s free eye unit at Sibi (Balochistan). After examination, cataract in both eyes was confirmed. Since facilities for children’s surgery under General Anaesthesia were not available at Sibi, she was referred to LRBT`s Free Secondary Eye Hospital at Quetta for surgery.

Surgery of her right eye was performed absolutely free of charge. It was successful and she regained her vision. Surgery of her left eye will be performed in due course of time. Meanwhile she has returned to her school and resumed her studies. For her parents it was an answer to their heartfelt prayers. They are very grateful to LRBT`s donors, and the team at Quetta hospital for saving their child from a lifetime of darkness and misery.